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Woodbadge Pack Part II Copy
The Log

Sample Pages taken from Weekend 2 at Oba-sa-teeka

Friday, May 3, 2002

7:00 p.m.
Departure Oba-sa-teeka Station. Most EIT's were on time to catch the train, only a few exceptions :)

Engineers for this section of the journey were again Dagnab Doodlebug Don, Practically Perfect Patti and Courageous Cameron (accompanied by Sue and Emma). Mighty Mo is not with us this weekend due to a death in the family, but our thoughts are with her. We all miss the rattling of her train.

Joining us new for this voyage are Impish Ida, Happy Harold, Wonderful Wally and Kool Ken.

Our trip begin with the receipt of lucky scratchers from Impish Ida and fortune cards from Practically Perfect Patti. With minor interruptions in the care of an overly sensitive smoke alarm, the night got off to a good start.

8:00 p.m.
We actually got to work, discussing types of resources that we have accessible to us. The easiest way to summarize our findings is ANYONE -- ANYTHING -- ANYWHERE!! Discussion continued as to how we can incorporate our seven program elements (SCAMGOS) into our star requirements (Purple A2).

8:45 p.m
Began our craft session, including ceramics painting, puzzle making and woggle craft. The diamond knot IS possible! We had time to chat and refuel while crafting / multitasking.

Dagnab Doodlebug Don took most of the group on a star hike. Superlative Shar, Potentially Perfect Pat and Joyous John made their own hike.

Saturday, May 4, 2002

Morning in the train yard was filled with coffee, sunshine and barely opened eyes! One might have thought that without the youth we could sleep in! NOT!!
GRACE: (Tune: Hi Ho Hi Ho)
Thank you, thank you
We thank you for this food
And for this day we'd like to say
Thank you, thank you.

Breakfast looked somewhat interesting and no doubt would have turned noses had we been 9 years old, but it was well done and quite delicious! Thanks Wonderful Wally, Happy Harold, and Kool Ken.

The train pulled into Camp Fire Station for a Scout's Own, prepared fur su by Impish Ida. We took turns singing and reading, and afterwards discussed the difference between a Scout's Own and a Scouter's 5:
Scout's Own Scouter's 5
ceremony short yarn
songs / readings feelings
reflection thoughts
spirituality morals
formal informal

8:40 a.m.
Morning session began at and included a humourous look at camping without a plan, and we received a handout with great camp fire cheers. Discussion led to new Scouts Canada transportation policies, and the process for recruitment.

Group work came next, and we discussed the 5 W's of various things from program reports, financial policies, and charters. We learned that our sponsor technically has final say on who can be a leader in their groups.

Q: Fred and Barney are found lying dead on the floor. All around them is broken glass and puddles of water. How did they die?
A: Fred and Barney are fish.

Back outside to discuss ceremonies within the pack: from Opening and Closing, to Swimming up and Going up. We reviewed our Cub Law in sign language and learned that a good way to incorporate prayers into our ceremonies is by putting them to song.

Tony was given a prize of unbelievable value for being such a special person to take out the garbage!

After a quick break, a nature hike was on the agenda, led by Don and enhanced by a puzzle of identifying plants by cryptic name.

We came back in time for lunch of spaghetti and garlic bread. Yet another great day!

1:30 p.m.
After refueling, the EIT's reconvened at the fire pit and listened as Potentially Perfect Pat read "The Maligned Wolf" story, providing us with an understanding of the other side of the story.

Another round of word puzzles, and Courageous Cameron led us in a round of 'Magic Circle', where we each reached into a bag of messages and shared our feelings about it (as an adult, then as a youth).

Rules: you have the right to pass / only the person sharing can comment/ what is said stays in our circle
Our findings: the majority found it easier to share as adults, not as easy to share as youth

2:00 p.m.
Six activity, where the Boxcars discussed the likes and dislikes of boys (8 - 10 yrs), Tanks discussed the likes and dislikes of girls (8 - 10 yrs), and the Cabooses discussed the likes and dislikes of boys, girls, and cubs. This activity gave us a chance to think like our cubs, and Cameron's consistent message this afternoon was that "You Have To Know Your Youth."

Rockin' Robin brought up the issue of the cub's preference for male leaders (?). We concluded that a lot of this is based on the community / culture the cubs come from.

2:30 p.m.
Doodlebug Don showed up in his shirt and tie to say good bye until the next weekend we meet again. This was when Practically Perfect Patti led us in a game we called 'Slap Happy'. The object of the game was to see how fast we can slap each other's hands in turn. Our slowest time was 22 seconds, with Cameron working in slow motion and Loud Lloyd wiping his nose. Our fastest time was just over 4 seconds!!!

The next station we pulled into was the "Music Station", where we discussed the reasons why we sing i.e. fun, fellowship, to learn, to involve all, etc.
Types of Songs:
Round: Row, Row / Are You Sleeping / Three Blind Mice/ Fire's Burning
Action Song: Big Buffalo
Chant: There ain't no flies on us
There ain't no flies on us
There may be flies on some of you guys
But there ain't no flies on us
(which we used to exchange with passing cub groups!! As Dana described as "Inter-group Activity" and Patti described as a "Teachable Moment".)
Fun Songs: Black Socks, Thank You For Sharing
Spiritual Songs: Day is Done, Cub Vespers
Loads of Song books available as resources.
Hints in teaching a song:
Sing it through once so Cubs can hear it
Then sing it line by line.
Patti shared the Gilwell songs as traditional, quiet songs.

NOTE: We heard cubs in the distance passing on our chant!!

Reminder that there are campfire songs that might not be appropriate for all audiences.

3:00 p.m.
Practically Perfect Patti showed her bag of instruments and each six creatively sang with so much energy:
Boxcars: The Ants Go Marching
Caboose: The Wheels on the Bus
Tank Cars: I've Been Working on the Railroad
Loud Lloyd led "Oogy Oogy Oogy" song so Awesome Amy could hear it for the first time.

Another passing group did not know how to respond to our "Fly" chant.
As a reward, the EIT's received a "prize of unbelievable value" -- a lip whistle (keep away from the kids!)

3:45 p.m.
After a well-deserved break, the EIT's pulled into the "Games Station". Thinking Game: Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Whoops ... where Joyous John took a few tries to get it.

The EIT's were getting better at the Word Puzzles. Courageous Cameron suggested putting one up each week for the cubs to solve as they get in. He also provided the EIT's with lots of game resources.

4:00 p.m.
Played "The Web of Life" [or Survival Game or Predator / Prey Game] to show that all animals are important and connected in life.
Hints: Make sure rules are clear
Set up specific boundaries
Higher risk if played at night
A definite game for the young! Play favourites if necessary.

Other Games: Elbow Tag was easy and fun and EIT's got further exercise with "Poison Tag" where the "It" has to touch someone 3X in order for the game to be over. The benefit of course is that everyone participates. "Giants, Wizards and Elves (and Elephants)" was definitely more confusing.

4:30 p.m.
Ida served us with popsicles / creamsicles treats!!
Patti provided the EIT's with a "once only game" (every 3 years):
One, Two, Three, Go and see what the Cubs do!
Cameron introduced the "Red Flower" circle game, where Mowgli tries to escape with the red flower from the guard of the village. Then we had our hands on the parachute.

4:50 p.m.
Pulled into the Ceremony Station where each six had a had to set up a Swim Up, Going Up, and Investiture. Hints: it's ok to have a cheat sheet; make it special for the person.

At dinner, Loud Lloyd presented each of us with a "South Simcoe CJ01"crest. Special occasion where Ida was presented with her "Medal of Merit" medal and pin, and a certificate for her 30 years of service.

6:45 p.m.
After the evening's refueling, another stop at the "Play Acting Station" where each six prepared a 3 minute skit with props (some took longer).
Hints: skits should be short and simple, age appropriate / review skit beforehand / remind the cubs to speak loudly, do their best, have fun and use their imaginations -- the sky's the limit

The Boxcars showed how NOT to use simple tools (Dr. Tony),
Tank Cars how the conscious works on a Cub (getting lost) and
Caboose how the mirror shows your true reflection (care of self).

7:30 p.m.
Courageous Cameron continued his session on Understanding Our Youth with a special surprise: he invited a group of cubs to join us! There were 5 boys and one girl in this pack. At first, as they walked in, they didn't look like they really wanted to be here. Once they took off their coats, and settled down, they actually started to look like they were enjoying themselves. Krista (10), Troy (9), Jake (8), Christopher (9), Alex (9), and Matti (10) became more animated and straight forward with their answers. They confirmed a lot of things for us, including:

Kids do like to be listened to (the way Emma does)
Ask and they will tell you
Boys went for power, girls for responsibility (when asked about the good things about being a sixer)
The food they like to eat (ice cream, pizza, bacon)
Don't like doing chores
Liking skits, songs, games (elements of Scouting)
The adults and friends in their lives make a difference
They would not do anything different than the adults are doing now with them (i.e. discipline)
They do not appreciate other kids who waste their time
Coming in tonight meant missing washing dishes, so they didn't mind at all
They loved the loot bags we gave them, and they thought we were crazy when we did our chant and our energy check!

8:19 p.m.
Courageous Cameron led us in a discussion about discipline.
Note: we have no control what happens outside of cubs, but we can make cubs fun and a source of success for them. "Know your youth" we were reminded. Even leaders can need discipline.

EIT's sang Big Buffalo just for Ida.

8:30 p.m.
"Team Building" session with Patti to go over elements that make up an effective team. Some revealing stuff for Loud Lloyd. This was followed by a six activity that involved shaving cream, toothpicks, straws, and a cup -- which team could build the tallest tower! Our "prize of unbelievable value" was a pill (Patti did not remember what they become once immersed in water!)

9:50 p.m.
A little late, but last stop. Formal Campfire hosted by the Tank Cars. It was special for Awesome Amy since it's been a while since the last camp she attended. Along with Marvellous Mark, they were talked into "the Motorcycle Skit"!! We really know what KYBO means now! Overall it was a success, especially being the first one done by the EIT's. Cudos to Rockin' Robin, Superlative Shar, and Good Looking Glenn. We were reminded of safety issues around a campfire. Then the EIT's were more than ready for mug up and a long night of work and planning!

"We love this stuff -- we love this stuff -- we love this stuff --" Great motto for this Pack Part II training, don't you think?