Woodbadge Pack Part II Copy


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Practically Perfect Patti and Courageous Cameron

An Investiture
Courageous Cameron Invests Joyous John with Patti's Epaulets

Tent Dwellers
Joyous John, Potentially Perfect Pat & Marvellous Mark

Some Notes
Patti Atkinson and Cameron Sauder provided the teaching sessions with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. They were never critical and only gave the most positive feedback - even when we acted like kids! Other trainers included Mighty Mo Chung, Dagnab Doodlebug Don Cannon and our Course Leader Ida Bogataj.

John had never been invested so Cameron did the honours. We learned that any invested leader can invest another scouter. Patti Atkinson gave her Wolf Cub epaulets to John.

John, Pat and Mark ignored the cold weather and light rain and slept outdoors in their tents. They discovered later that they had also escaped the loud snoring in the cabin.