How Canadian Artists Works Are Influenced by Their Environment
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This is a 3 part project to discover how Canadian Artists works are influenced by their environment.
In Part I the student organizes his research and gathers material from websites, books, and reference sources to write an essay on how the artists works have been influenced by their environment. Links to the left provide the student with source material.
In Part II the student has to be creative and use his or  her imagination to respond to 1 of  3 questions.
Part III the student has to provide a picture of the piece of art being reviewed.
The bottom half of this webpage provides questions for the students to consider when formulating their response to parts I and II.


  1. Use the task Organizer found by clicking on the link button located to the left.
  2. Use art books, childrens literature, and related literature. Click on link buttons
  3. Remember to record the names of the artists, the title of their work and the geographical influence or feature shown. Click on Canadian Artists link for names.
  4. Hand in your organizer and a 500 -750 word essay on this topic.

PART II - PERSONAL TOUCH (Choose only 1)

  1. Of all the pieces of art work that you examined which one would you choose to buy for your home and why?
  2. Select an artist to invite for dinner. Describe the location, the food and the conversation.
  3. Chose one artist and write a poem describing the vision that artist has of Canada.


Hand in a photograph or print of the work of art that you are describing.

Pine tree



What are you looking at?

What could it mean in terms of what the artists relationship was to the land?

What materials did he or she use?

Is it related to the technology and geography in that time of history?


Who is the artist?

Where was the artist brought up?

When did the artist do his or her work?

Where did they travel to, to get inspired?

Why did they paint, draw or sculpt nature?

For whom were they doing their work?

* White Oaks SS * Web Sample * Fall 2004 *