How Canadian Artists Works Are Influenced by Their Environment
Curriculum Guidelines
Curriculum Guidelines
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Visual Arts Grade 9, Open
They will learn and use methods of analysis and criticism and will study the characteristics of particular historic art periods and a selection of Canadian art


Overall Expectations:
Differentiate artworks by period, style, method, and materials
Demonstrate knowledge of a segment of Canadian art

Specific Expectations
Apply the elements and principles of design to historical artworks, and to natural and constructed environments
Identify, research, and describe visual characteristics and themes found in Canadian Art


Overall Expectations
Explain the function of research and technology in visual arts
Compile a list of visual resources

Specific Expectations
Identify possible meanings in examples of fine and applied art (e.g. paintings, sculptures)


Overall Expectations
Demonstrate an understanding of connections between art and cultural identity or context

Specific Expectations
Explain how artistic intentions are expressed in specific examples of historical and student artworks (e.g., the Group of Seven's intent to establish a new direction in Canadian art)


* White Oaks SS * Web Sample * Fall 2004 *