Woodbadge Pack Part II
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Sharon's Song

Pack Part II (to the tune of "Beverly Hillbillies")
For the members of the "Train_ing" Part II,
written on the occasion of their graduation.  May 2002
By Sharon Bain-Hengeveld

Let me tell you a story 'bout a group of trainees
Who decided further learnin' was their cup of tea
Their train departed for their Part II
Many stops would be needed before they were through
Skills they wanted:   active programs
Departing from Scout House, a late April train
Eleven EIT's, a strong team soon became
Badgework, stars and programs EIT's would learn
Sharing fun, skills and knowledge, they all took a turn
Gifts they used:       enthusiasm
Practically Perfect Patty taught the EIT's some games
Clap a circle, "Chuck the Chicken" and our training names
She shared her many graces before every meal
She gave out many prizes: Tony got a deal!
Prizes of unbelieveable value: whoopie cushions
                                                lip whistles
Doodlebug Don all the flowers knew
He taught all the trainees how they looked and grew
Cam brought Sue and Emma to participate
He had two key ideas he would reiterate
                    "Size doesn't matter"
                    "Know your youth"
Our fearless leader, Ida, taught us rules and regs
She says Scouting has made her who she is today
The dining staff worked over time making all the food
Ken, Harold, Beth and Wally rounded out the crew.
Fabulous grub: Roast turkey
                        Lots of coffee
Dana was quite punny - he often made us smile
Amy, ever cheerful, rode a motorbike with style
LLoyd, he loved the kybo and stories he could tell
Mark had lots of knowledge and facts that he knew well
Training:   lack of sleep
                    kybo stories
Robyn kept us singing participation songs
Pat always shared her lovely voice as she sang along
Glenn was strong and silent and glad to lend a hand
Patricia showed off badges from all over this land
Training:     lair curtains
                  energy checks
As fully vested Scouters, we all thought it best
So in due ceremony, John we did invest
Tony did remind us how young boys get along
Shar enjoyed it all so much, she left us with this song
Pack Part II:    laughter
                            lasting friends

Last edited November 2008